2010 - 2012
Communications Design, Rapid Prototyping, Public Space

WeSee.Us is a public space installation that seeks to give local residents control over the messages that are communicated through billboard advertising in public space. The installation operates by connecting the WeSee.Us website to a projector via wifi, which then projects user-submitted images on to a public surface. Passersby can submit images to the website via text or email. The participatory messaging system is a method of peer-to-peer communication that allows neighbors or visitors to communicate about issues that are relevant to the local context, in other words the system takes public space out of the hands of private owners and gives it back to the communities that have to live with it every day. 

The project was a collaboration between Aurash and Ted Ullrich of Tomorrow Lab. It was deployed on several occasions throughout New York City. This project was the first attempt at giving New Yorkers the ability to digitally control the images they are subjected to while walking down the street.