2012 - 2015
Transportation Planning, Rapid Prototyping, Open Source Programming

Waycount is a tool that seeks to democratize transportation planning by giving anyone the ability to collect and analyze traffic count data. By providing a low-cost tool to count cars and bicycles, anyone, not only professional organizations or professional planners, can gather data that can be used for recommending changes to bicycle, pedestrian, transit, and automobile infrastructure. In addition to giving individuals the ability to collect their own data, Waycount is the first attempt to create a crowdsourced database of traffic data.

The project was developed by Aurash Khawarzad in collaboration with Ted Ullrich (Tomorrow Lab) during their 2012 residency at the Strelka Institute for Architecture Media and Design (Moscow). The project has been piloted in several cities across the country and has contributed to the discussion about how activists can help shape local transportation systems.

Waycount, or TrafficCom at the time, was written about in an article titledThis DIY Traffic Counter Could Change Everything About Transportation Planning”.