The Policy Mixtape

Policy Mixtapes, Multi-Media, Governance, Civic Engagement, Tools

On view now at The Green Sun exhibition. September 17, 2019 - October 27, 2019
Atelier FAS Gallery, 1301 North 31st Street, Suite 2, Philadelphia, PA 19121


The concept behind the Policy Mixtape is an alternative to conventional public policy reports. By recording workshops and sharing content directly from people, it makes issues more engaging while preventing appropriation and manipulation of community input by NGOs. It comes in the form of a zine that transforms into a wall installation. Within it are scannable links to user generated multi media inserts (from workshops in 2018-19).

These photos, songs, videos, essays, etc, which are viewed digitally, bring ideas and people to life in a more authentic and elaborate way than traditional reports. On the back end the Policy Mixtape proposes a royalty structure so contributors, including NGO staff, could get paid for this work. If/when the royalties get sorted out I can sell copies and ‘Pay Royalties for NGO workers’. The Policy Mixtape seeks to disrupt the Policy industry like Mixtapes did the music industry - by using accessible technology to facilitate creation and sharing, and by challenging content ownership norms.

The Decolonize Energy Mixtape (a Policy Mixtape) was created by Aurash Khawarzad. Photographs by Aurash Khawarzad and Danny R. Peralta.

The Decolonize Energy Mixtape

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