NMCA (Northern Manhattan Climate Action Plan)

Topics: Urban Planning, Graphic Design, Print Production

Client: WE ACT for Environmental Justice
Partners: Corbin Hill Food Project, Columbia University, Kresge Foundation, Other

The Northern Manhattan Climate Action Manual (NMCA) is a community process and comprehensive vision for sustainable development. It was created by Aurash Khawarzad and Mateo Fernandez-Muro while working at the NYC grassroots organization, WE ACT for Environmental Justice. The manual itself includes graphic illustrations, maps, text, and other information about what needs to happen in order to create resilience to severe weather events and other impacts. Key issue areas of the plan include environmental justice, coastal protection, renewable energy, and gentrification, to name a few. The designers worked in partnership with hundreds of community members over a 6 month period to generate the pamphlet. 2,500 copies were distributed in the subsequent months. The project included participation from dozens of government agencies, academic research institutions, tenant associations, and hundreds of more people. The NMCA continues to inform thinking and action on climate change in New York City and beyond.

Media coverage of the initiative can be seen in Grist (The people of northern Manhattan are fighting climate change on their own terms) and Truthout (Not Waiting for Paris: Northern Manhattan Residents Develop Climate Action Plan).

Client & Partners: