High School Climate Change Curriculum

2019 - Ongoing
Topics: Climate Change, Education, Engineering, Policy, Design

Client: Friends of High School for Environmental Studies
Partners: Cleanup North Brooklyn, The POINT CDC

Beginning in the Spring of 2019, the High School for Environmental Studies, working in partnership with AAK Press, launched the course titled, “Preparing New York City for Climate Change” for over 300 hundred students. The course curriculum teaches students about the primary causes of climate change, along with how they can design and implement solutions in their own community.

The curriculum outlines the basic principles of climate change science, key policy drivers of climate change, and basic methods researching and analyzing future environmental impacts. In addition to learning about the causes, the course teaches case studies of global climate change solutions, while also teaching the process of designing their own solution, which include, but are not limited to, renewable energy systems, site specific flood protections, emergency evacuation plans.
Throughout the semester students work with practitioners from around the city to learn about local climate change resilience and mitigation projects .

  • Key organizers: High School for Environmental Studies, AAK Press

  • Community partners: Cleanup North Brooklyn, The POINT CDC

The course is divided into three primary units with four modules per unit. The units include:

#1: Overview of climate change: Learning about the main causes of climate change including climate change science, public policy, and environmental justice

#2: Research & Mapping: Developing skills for researching, mapping, and illustrating climate change impacts for specific locations. Research includes demographics, temperature, sea level rise, and more.

#3: Solution Design and Presentation: Creating site-specific solutions for climate change, including renewable energy, flood protection, emergency evacuation planning, and more. Process includes studying examples of sustainable developments, selecting a location, outlining the scope, and presenting the concept.

Images by: Aurash Khawarzad


Client & Partners:


"Our workshop with HSES students about climate change and our waste system was a rewarding experience, as it provided teens with a close up to current EJ issues facing New Yorkers. We need more programs that give students hands-on interaction with how our infrastructure works and how they can actively improve it."

- Jen Chantrtanapichate, Cleanup North Brooklyn

"This program is an example of how community organizations can partner with our public schools to train our next generation of leaders. The workshops we did with AAK Press and HSES not only helped provide education but also made a connection between students from around the City and the programs we offer here."

- Danny Peralta, Executive Director, The POINT CDC