Gallery of Empires

Summer 2019
Topics: Afghanistan, Central Asia, Social Justice, Conflict Minerals, Decolonization, Public Policy, POC artists, Contemporary Art Institutions
Medium: Mixed-media, Visual Arts, Film making, Music/Sound, Art exhibitions

Gallery of Empires is a program of contemporary art that addresses the plight of war-torn countries in Central Asia. The term Gallery of Empires references the moniker "Graveyard of Empires", given to Afghanistan for their history of resisting colonization, although at great cost. GoE is a platform for analyzing the influence that imperialism has had on the Central Asian diaspora and greater society, including on issues like immigration and climate change, among others.

Image: Skull inspired by traditional American tattoo art with a janbiya blade inserted through the top, representing the intersection of east and west. The materials depicted in the blade represent conflict minerals and rare earth elements being mined throughout the region. The molecular structures depicted in the corners include Lithium, Copper, Neodymium, and Dysprosium. Text: 'Light enters through the wound'. In 2014 the US Geological Survey (USGS) led the first comprehensive magnetic, gravity and hyperspectral surveys of an entire country to determine the location and amount of mineral deposits. The research found more than $1 trillion in untapped natural resources, many of them growing in importance from use in digital display screens, rechargeable batteries, and other technologies are being touted as solutions for climate change.

GoE's opening exhibition is scheduled for summer 2019.

13 x 20 inch print

Sales of the poster and merchandise will be used to fund future GoE events.

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