Decolonize Energy Mixtape

Multi-media Communications Design, Urban Planning, Environmental Policy

The Decolonize Energy Mixtape is the first “Policy Mixtape", which is an innovative form of generating multi-media educational content about public policy. In the same way that audio mixtapes used innovative technology to change how music was produced, shared, and consumed, the Policy Mixtape seeks to disrupt public policy in the same way. The Policy Mixtape process uses workshops to capture audio and visual content, which are then edited and shared as a means of communicating in a dynamic and direct way.

The Decolonize Energy Mixtape is a tool for anyone working to create new and improved systems of energy production and distribution. The tool includes solutions ranging from worker cooperatives to futuristic weather sensing technologies, which are shared via podcasts, writings, images, and videos that were created during workshops in 2018 and 2019.

The Decolonize Energy Mixtape

Sample Audio
The Policy Mixtape features 33 podcasts. Below is a sample track. For full access visit the links above.

Instructional video