135th Street Marine Transfer Station Redevelopment

2014 - 2016
Urban Planning, Architecture, Waste Management

The 135th Street Marine Transfer Station (MTS) redevelopment is a project to transform a former waste facility to a community space for environmental sciences and other uses that support local public health initiatives, economic development, cultural programming, and more. Since 1952 the site served as the transfer station where garbage trucks would deposit waste onto barges, which would then take the waste to landfills, mainly Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island (now a public park). The 28,000 square foot facility was the only 24 hour facility of its kind in NYC and contributed to other sources of pollution on the West Harlem waterfront. Below are images of events and redevelopment plans led by Aurash and done in partnership with WE ACT, Pratt Institute, and The New School, among others. To see the full set of plans developed by the partners click here.